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Effective discipline for kids with ADHD

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He made his son sit down and ready the encyclopedia. He'd pick a topic, like aardvarks, and tell his son that he had to read the whole article before he could go play. Then he would quiz the boy to make sure he paid attention to what he read. It made the son focus and tune out over-stimulation. He learned to pick up a book when he was bored rather then get in trouble, and he got really good at Jeopardy


my 16 year old has ADHD. he is so outgoing, funny, cute and smart but he drives me crazy! im in school learning how to be a psychologist or counsolor but i get so stressed with his smart mouthing and bad manners that i cant even take my own advice! maybe you can give me a tip or two. would appreciate it!


Teach the kids the skills they need to succeed (this works for kids who don't have ADHD, as well). For example, some kids don't just "get it" from verbal instructions. Rather than get upset when they don't do what you want, give them visual instructions.You can do this by giving them a "to-do" list.

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Effective discipline for kids with ADHD
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