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Do I need to burp my baby after every feeding

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Since he was born, we've been burping him. Usually just after he eats, but not that he eats more, we do it more often. If he eats 4oz then we burp after each 2oz, Now that he eats 6oz, we burp him after each 3oz. If we don't then he's more likely to spit up a lot more than usual.


I would always burp my babies after every single feeding. I would burp halfway between feedings as well. Once they got a little older, probably around 6 months, I didn't have to burp them as often. It was pretty much at the end of the feeding. By 9 months, both of my babies would burp on their own without me helping.


By 4 to 6 months old, many babies have outgrown burping. They've become more efficient eaters and don't swallow as much air. Don't bother burping your baby if she seems content or falls asleep during or after a feeding.

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Do I need to burp my baby after every feeding
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