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What is the age difference between your children?

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My 2 boys are 17 months apart and for my daughter she is 14 yrs. apart from my youngest son and she is 15 1/2 yrs. apart from my oldest son and she is 22 yrs. apart from my stepson


5 years between the first two and 7 years between the last two. They are 13 years, 8 years, and 10 months old.


3 years 5 months


1year and 1 day


lose in age, play together an have similar likes,school together etc...Erik 9
Greenlee 6
Kyle 4
Avaree 2
I love they are


2 years


My step-daughter and my son are 10.5 years apart. When this next one is born, my son and he/she will be two years apart...and my daughter will be almost 12 and a half years older than this one.


15, 5, and 2


Each son is very unique.


Jajuan is 12
Manny is 7
Ariah is 3
Michael is 2
I really don't mind the age gap cause someone got to be older to be a role model for the younger siblings when one go through life learning from an experience they can let the next sibling down the line no what to do and not to do

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What is the age difference between your children?
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