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What age is best to start my baby on cereal?

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Selena had some cereal for lunch, She ate some most went on daddy lol!

5 more days till she's 4 months old!!


Back when I was a young mother, by the 4th month, I had my children on Baby Cereal. I would mix the cereal with the Formula, and put in a bottle, with a little x cut in the nipple (not to big, you don't want the child to get to much and choking, just enough for the cereal to get thur). It was especially helpful when out away from home.


I don't know how many pediatricians are on board with skipping cereal, but I know my older child's pediatric allergist told us to skip the cereal altogether with the baby. I know it is becoming "a thing to do" to skip the cereals, but at the same time there's an increase in babies being treated for reflux with cereal rather than medications.


When my son turned 6 months he really wanted the baby food more.He wasn't getting enough even tho he was eating 8 ounces of formula every 3 hours with rice cereal in every other bottle. So I started teaching him to open his mouth and would show him by doing it too. He picked up on it pretty fast. And then i slowly started taking away more formula when he wanted the baby food. For a 6 month old I would give 8oz of formula every 3 hours. And rice cereal in her bottle just at her night feeding to get her use to it.

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What age is best to start my baby on cereal?
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