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What age should toddler see dentist

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After they turn one and have a few teeth you can find a dentist for their first check up.


I'm a pediatric dentist. We like to see children for their first visit within 6 months of the first tooth which is usually around their first birthday!


I began taking all 3 of my kids to the dentist at 12 months old, and I am so glad I did because teeth are not just the main concern with a dental visit, gums are super important and because I started doing this when they were so young they have learned the importance of a healthy mouth and every visit is cavity free and we are 2 1/2, 6, and 8 years later :):) so I suggest to take your child to the dentist as early as 12 months. :)


I was alway til six months but no one woul actually see my kids that young. About 15 months is when we started to take them and we brought them to a pediatric dentistry vs family dentistry. I honestly think that you use a pediatric dentistry unit for your child, especially a first visit, they are calming for both Mom and Baby!

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What age should toddler see dentist
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