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Chores and allowance for big kids

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i think it is good beacause they wont be like this: have no job,asking for money,broke,drugs they will have a great job if they do beacause they worked hard in chores and now they work hard in their job.


I think that chores and allowance for kids is a great idea. I grew up doing chores and it made me value things more. My two kids have chores to do but they don't give them allowance every week. If they keep up with their chores then if they want a game or new cd we get if for them but if they don't keep up then they are not allowed to get anything. I know it sounds harsh but they have to learn that you work for things you want


So my son Armond has a mild cause of down syndrome. He is 16. He knows what is means to do chores around the house and he gets paid for it. He gets $20 every two weeks to the point where he saved up his money and he had $100. He cleans his room takes out the garbage, and sorts his laundry. As far as his sister that is 20 getting her to do anything is a whole other story. There are times when she sees him helping she will jump in to help.


Chores for older children are a must! It teaches them responsibility. Also it will teach them later in life why chores were so important. For example, my oldest Peyton who is 8 has chores to do everyday. Pick up his room, make his bed, feed and water our dog and iguana. Also on nice days yard clean-up is a bonus. He receives $5 at the end of the week IF and only if he has completed his chore list. He is a leader and his little brother helps him a lot, so not only is it teaching responsibility to just Peyton but my three year old too.


They have chores that they are expected to do and help out with (and their homework is included in that) and they get "points" in return. They use these points to get tv time, game time or money. If they don't do what is expected then they don't get "paid".


I think it helps them learn responsibility, and in my sons case he's learning to save his $ for when there's something he really wants! So far it's working for him!

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Chores and allowance for big kids
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