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Why you should always check your children's homework

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I think that it's good to check their homework so you know what it is they are doing in school and what they are learning. I like checking over their homework, they might get frustrated if they mess up on their homework but I'm only here to help them. I want them to do the best they can do.


Well like my daughter, some kids like to "hide" things from their parents. Whether it be a note, a bad grade, or they just dont feel like doing their homework. You should always check it and be on the same page as your teacher!


Beyond that, checking homework can catch problems before they start. I'm sure you've all heard to “practice the right way” because practicing the wrong way can cause even more problems after you're brain's already wired that way.

It keeps you in the loop too, so there are no surprises on the report card. It keeps you engaged with your child, in an authoritative role, and gives you a little more interactive time before they're all grown up.


Tiffany is a medium student so when she reached 4th grade her grades were dropping because I wasn't checking or homework, Philip wasn't either, and it got tough for her. When we saw her grades we were surprised so we started checking her homework. We also got her a tutor, yes her grades dropped that badly. Now she is graduating 4th grade and her grades went from D to A or A+.


I was talking to a teacher friend of mine who said that checking kids homework is important because you may catch a mistake the kid is making and you can either help them do it right or at least tell the teacher they are having trouble so he/she can help. You don't want them practicing it wrong.

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Why you should always check your children's homework
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