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ADHD children and gifted at school: is it possible?

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My son is in the middle of his testing right now actually for the Aspire program which is the pull out program for gifted children in our school. Last year he had a horrible teacher that was so mean to him and sent him to the office everyday and we found out he had ADHD and now this year they are testing him for the gifted program which is very cool. My nephew is another one, he was just diagnosed with Asperger's which is a form of autism and he is INCREDIBLY SMART with almost every subject


YES.....Mine are proof of that. They learn differently and you have to find the correct style for them. My daughter was getting terrible grades in class but tested through the roof on state testing/gifted and talented. We moved her to a private school that specialized in LD and she has really come into her own.


My youngest son is ADHD and is in first grade. He is doing third grade work and reading books i can read with out a problem. So i say yes it is very possible for a child to have ADHD and be gifted at the same time. The doctor that sees my son says its common because children with ADHD brains run so fast that they can pick up the academics quickly and understand it.

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ADHD children and gifted at school: is it possible?
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