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Where can you get affordable maternity clothes

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I got most of what I actually used at Target. The only thing I really splurged on was a couple of good nursing bras that I got from Macy's. I still use them because my old bras don't fit anymore. I know Walmart has decent clothes at decent prices as well.


Many stores carry maternity clothing now so you don't necessarily have to go to a specialty store . They can be really expensive . Target carries a lot of really cute maternity stuff , Walmart has maternity also , although I have never looked at what they have . I got a few things for my last pregnancy at a consignment store , those can be really great because they are low cost and usualy the pregnancy clothes are in great shape because they don't get worn as much as regular clothes .


I found that since you will only need them temporarily you can save big at thrift stores and consignment stores. Also if you know anyone who just had a baby and is looking to get rid of their clothes that is a good way to get maternity clothes. If you are looking for new I found target and The motherhood store have a really nice selection.

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Where can you get affordable maternity clothes
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