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Opinions on appetite stimulants for children

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When they are medically needed its a must , my son took a couple different ones when on other meds that killed appetite- he barley ate or drank anything , he was in speech therapy learning how to swallow and bite and suck because he couldnt from a traumatic birth left him this way and i was feeding him thru a tube -G-tube in his tummy till he was 2 years old then he started eating slowly , he still has eating issues at 14 and gagging issues


My daughter had to be placed on Periactin to stimulate her appetite. She stayed underweight for years and due to her speech and swallowing difficulties she did not like to eat. She would only drink milk and eat yogurt. At 7 years old she was still only 35 lbs and wearing a 4t.


I'm very hesitant to use anything over the counter with our children. I don't know much about appetite stimulants but there would have to be a very good reason for me to give it to my child.

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Opinions on appetite stimulants for children
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