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Increased/decreased appetite and pregnancy

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My appetite has really increased.


help poor man


I too have low appetite now and morning sickness sure is a problem. I keep smelling lemons all the time. It quite helps.


My first pregnancy my appetite decreased as I had morning sickness up to 6 months. My 2nd, 3rd & my current 4th. One of my first symptoms was an increased appetite.


Your appetite while pregnant depends on vairious things and everyone is different.

My 1st trimester I ended up losing weight because I had morning sickness and was not eating except for Lime Ice Pops. Once, I entered my 2nd trimester and my sickness ended. I ate and ate, I loved food! Once I entered my 3rd trimester, I continued to eat however, found myself slowing down and even feeling sick after I ate. That baby is growing and pushing on different organs and your stomach sometimes feels like it's in your throat.


My first pregnancy I went from about 120 to 95 lbs due to morning sickness. My last prgnancy I started overweight and barely gaind 20 lbs. I was not trying not to gain I simply had no appetite and had to force food down the whole time.


I developed gestational diabetes during pregnancy and it drove me crazy. My dietitian had me on this huge diet. WAY too much food for me and I could barely eat half of what she wanted me to. I stopped seeing her because I was getting way too stressed out about the whole thing. Still had no appetite though so I would make sure that whatever I did eat was super high in protein, fiber, etc.


A lot can happen in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Many women experience nausea. Some may vomit a lot or a little and some may feel just nauseous enough to not feel like eating at all. There are even women who've experienced a loss of appetite.

There are other women, including myself, who suffered from HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) which is severe pregnancy induced nausea and vomiting) where weight loss is a typical symptom.


With my daughters I really didn't have a bigger appetite than normal until the last month or two but with my son I ate non-stop. But I worked my whole pregnancy with the girls and only worked 5mths in with my son. I think being so busy distracted me with the girls while being at home waiting for my son to arrive I had nothing better to do but eat.

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Increased/decreased appetite and pregnancy
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