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No way!! My life is hectic enough and I honestly don't have time for another baby right now. I am thinking I'm two and done. Although Katie isn't my biological child I am raising her which my her my baby as well. After my stillborn I just went with the attitude whatever happens happens. Now I am thinking I can prevent whatever from happening. I am still worried about something happening to my child if I do get pregnant again, as long as I live it'll be in the back of my mind. I understand I do need to overcome this fear but I'm not ready for another baby but I still have a long time because I'm only 18! Maybe in 12 years I MAYBE will decide to have another child. Hopefully I'll be married by then and it'll be up to my husband and I. But for now I'm two and done!


I think I'm almost ready to try for another baby, but not quite yet. Since my husband got out of the military and we moved cross country, we are still trying to get things a little more settled in our lives. I don't think I could move stuff again once we find the place we intend to stay if I were pregnant... It's difficult even not pregnant. Then unpacking and whatnot. And with everything else in flux still and still coping with recent (non-baby) losses, I don't need anymore stress or things to try to wrap my head around for now.

I'm also terrified of another miscarriage, or worse if something happened further along. It's like a nauseating level of anxiety. We are still planning, but I think it will be a few months yet before I get back on supplements to try again.

But if it happens before then, I'll be happy nevertheless.


Oh the tiny little toes and the little fingers and the cute clothes. The first smile, the first coo, the hiccups, the soft skin... yea, my baby maker is definitely on the "yes" side of the fence while my brain says "no"


When I had my son i could see it, I could see having another baby but when I think about it now I just can't. I am not sure why, my husband keeps saying that we have to do it soon if we are going to because he is 37, but I tell him I am only 28 and I want to wait. It goes back and forth and goes no where.


I wouldn't let my fears hold me back from having another child one day.I really want to experience things other moms with healthy babies do..No meds or surgeries or heart monitors. Just enjoying that will be bliss.

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Are you ready for another baby?
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