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Are home pregnancy tests accurate

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Home Pregnancy tests measure the hormones in your urine. These levels are highest in the morning, so testing in the morning will reduce the chance of a false negative. The levels also increase rapidly through the first few weeks of pregnancy, so testing too early in a pregnancy could result in a false negative. If you are testing and getting a negative but believe you are pregnant try waiting a few days and testing again, or call your doctor for a blood test.


I'd say most HPTs (home pregnancy tests) are accurate although it depends on when you test.

Some women like to use the expensive digital tests. When I was trying to conceive, I used a bunch of $1 store tests. There was another step involved (like peeing into a cup and dipping the stick into the urine) but it was fairly accurate. Once I got a faint positive, I had to use a digital test because I wanted to see that "Pregnant" show up in the results. Somehow, that made it feel more official

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Are home pregnancy tests accurate
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