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Pregnancy food aversions: your experience

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Oh , there were so many when I was pregnant . I was so sick . There was a lot I couldn't eat and sometimes just the smell would make me sick . I ate a lot of carbs just because it was the easiest on my system . I remember my husband made steak one night for dinner , which I usually like a lot , especially on the grill I almost threw up when I took the first bite and couldn't eat anymore . it was hard to cook because so much made me sick .


With my first boy I had the worst case of morning sickness and food aversion out of all my pregnancies. So much so that I lost weight! i gained the least amount of weight with him and he was one of my bigger babies weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz


I took and still do take flax seed oil pills 1000 mg to get omega 3, instead of ingesting any kind of fish that might be harmful.

I couldn't drink orange juice it triggered my morning sickness too.


I remember being barely pregnant with #1 and having a serious aversion to anything chicken or poultry.

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Pregnancy food aversions: your experience
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