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"The talk" how babies are made

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Zack: «So I just bred my dragons»Me: «What does that mean?»Zack: «Oh well two dragons fall in love, kind of like when a mom and dad fall in love, and then POOF a baby dragon is made»Me: «Hmm...Interesting. How are they made?»Zack: «I don't know. How did you and daddy make me?»


My daughters have always loved baby dolls so at a very young age started asking questions. They wanted to know how babies are made, we told them they are a gift from God. They wanted to know how they got out of mommies bellies, we just told them at the doctors office and the doctor does it. They wanted to know how, so we told them threw the belly button( what are you suppose to tell a 3 year old).

When they get the right age then we will have the serious discussion about it.


Talks should always be geared to your child's age and stage.

don't feel embarrassed, kids can sense when we're uncomfortable and may conclude that their question is inappropriate.

don't tell too much too soon.

discussing sexuality shouldn't be a one-time lecture, but an ongoing dialogue.

Our next step is discussing ways to say no to have sex before marriage( we're Christians), healthy relationships, and love.


The only thing we know for sure is that we are NOT letting our children take sex ed in school.

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"The talk" how babies are made
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