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How to keep babies safe around a cat

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When you have a cat and a baby it can be worrisome. It was once said that a cat could steal your baby's breath. That really can't happen. It's just a tall tale. When you have a cat and a new baby it is important to make sure the cat stays out of your baby's room. You don't want your cat hanging out all over or sleeping in your baby's crib. I had two cats when I brought Noah home and they hid from Noah. Chances are your cat will be scared of this new crying machine.


To keep babies safe around a cat, I think it's important to train your cat early on to not jump on baby or places where baby will stay such as the crib or bassinet. I think introducing your cat to a piece of baby's clothing before the actual child will help also. Make sure to make time for your cat to prevent jealousy, and never leave your baby unattended around a cat.


My husband brought home one of my daugther's hats from the hospital the day before we all came home.

I think the biggest thing is to watch your cats around your baby to see how it goes. Be sure to give attention to your cats! They are part of the family also.


With Jasmine, the cat only came and sniffed her once and left her alone. With Makenzie, the cat would sit next to the bassinet and hiss at anyone other than myself that got too close. I don't see any harm, but I would be careful in the beginning, until you know how the cat will react.


My two females want nothing to do with my 17 month old. My male however loves her. He sits with her in the living room, sleeps in the same room with her when she naps and is just generally around her.

I would just make sure u give the cat attention during the day so he doesn't feel the baby has taken u away.

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How to keep babies safe around a cat
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