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How do your babies and cats get along

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Our two cats at first did not want anything to do with our son, and now they absolutely love him. Our male cat naps next to him, and our female cat watches him like crazy when he's in his playpen. She even washes his feet. So sweet!


I have 2 cats and my parents were worried sick about how they would act around a baby but I knew they would be fine.

When we brought baby home we sat him in his bouncer and they walked up to him and gave him a quick sniff and that was it. They don't try to sleep in his crib or bassinet. They just ignore him for the most part although one of my cats, Cam, gets upset when the baby is upset and will meow in concern which is cute.


I have two cats and they're really good with both my kids. Both my cats formed a bond with my kids.

I've never had an issue with them, but of course you always want to supervise animals being around small children.


I have 2 cats and one while my youngest was a baby. I was a little scared about the old myth cause it sounds realistic. I think it just depends on the cat, we all know cats have their own personalities. My miss kitty still sleeps with my daughters and sometimes right up on their pillows but I've never seen her try to do anything to hurt them.


We had two cats when my daughter was born... one passed away thus leaving only one... it was fine when it was just my daughter... when I had my son it got jealous and we had a hard time ... it would mark its territory all over my daughters bed or the crib... nasty!


. When the Girls were Born My Older cat CowBella who is no longer with us

used to sleep in my oldest daugthers crib i always kept an eye on her but she always slept on the end where her feet where never once by her Face ... Cowbella was doing her Duty by Carefully guarding our newest family member


So far our children love them but I haven't had animals when we've had babies since our youngest was over 18 months old when we got the animals. My mom always recommended getting a puppy while the children were young so they grow up together.

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How do your babies and cats get along
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