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Homemade cough remedies for babies

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1. Breast milk

Yes babies under 6 months do not need any other medication other than breast milk during cold and cough to fight off the virus and bacteria. The antibodies in BM helps the baby’s body to build immunity against all types of germs and aids in proper hydration required

2. Nasal saline drops

You can make saline drops at home too. Take a steel bowl , spoon and sterilize it well. Take 1/2 tsp of salt and dissolve in 8 tsp of warm filtered water. Once cooled , you can use it for your baby . But I suggest to go for the saline drops available in the market than the home-made ones as there is a risk of bacterial growth .

3. Garlic

My mom always put freshly blended garlic in our cradle when we went to bed.The garlicky smoke from the bowl/cup would help baby to open the blocked nose and relieve from congestion.

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Homemade cough remedies for babies
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