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Caffeine and trying to get pregnant

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If you drink A LOT of coffee (like more than 3 cups) it can cause you to have trouble getting pregnant. I also have migraine headaches and I was told by my doctors that it's ok to have up to 2 cups of coffee while pregnant.


Because of my migraine headaches, I can't give up caffeine. My doctor told me to drink it in moderation. As for trying to get pregnant, I got pregnant during the heaviest caffeine use. If you truly want to give up caffeine to get pregnant, be prepared to get rid of a lot of things in your daily life.


There are studies indicating that caffeine can cause a hindrance in trying to conceive. I have one to two cups of coffee per day, but I have limited my amount of intake since we will be trying for another baby.


There are only a very few selected that I can drink and won't upset my stomach, but other than those few, you will NEVER see me drink coffee AT ALL!!! I mainly drink tea and do the best I can to not drink too much caffeinated drinks for a while, or at least drink in moderation like for outings and events.


I tried for two years to get pregnant, this included many months of fertility treatment. Nothing seemed to work. I then decided, with my husband, to change our diets completely. Amongst many changes, this included consuming NO caffeine. I got pregnant two months later.


I don't think there's any correlation at all. It's just unhealthy to drink too much coffee.


The studies seem to be across the board when it comes to caffeine and trying to get pregnant for women. Any small to moderate amount of caffeine should be fine, but because caffeine *may* raise the risk of miscarriage, avoiding large doses may be useful. I've also heard mixed results about men having caffeine when trying to conceive--I've read that it may not affect their fertility, and I've even read some that state having a small dose soon before intercourse may help.


coffee has antioxidants so it is good for us

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Caffeine and trying to get pregnant
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