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How to keep my house clean if you have small babies

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I dont stress over it but we just pick up as we go. Brynlee is well diseplined to pick up toys after she is done with them, and Ben dosnt exactley make a mess yet! I always put the dishes in the dish washer as soon as we use them and do laundry after the babies are in bed.


During the day its playtime/ bonding with my daughter, the house can wait. When my fiance gets home it's his turn to play and bond so I do the dishes and sweep+mop, he does the laundry. I fold and put away clothes while they play. House doesn't get that dirty from baby, but when she starts moving around on her own then it might get more challenging.


To keep it clean I stay on top of three main areas...toys, dishes, and laundry. Before we run errands, before mealtimes and naptimes, and before bedtime, I make sure all toys are picked up and put away.

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How to keep my house clean if you have small babies
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