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Are MAM binkies for babies a good choice ?

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Honestly it depends on your baby. Just like bottle nipples have different shapes so do pacifiers. My daughter would take any pacifier she didn't car, now my he won't take one at all. I even tried the Nuk ones since it's the same shape as the nipples on their bottles(Nuk is the only nipple i've found so far that he will drink from) and he won't even take that, so some babies will refuse a pacifier completely. Some will take any, and some will favor a certain brand/brands. My suggestion would be to try whatever brand you decide first and if baby likes them buy more, if not then you can decide if you want to try other brands or if he just doesn't live pacifiers. I had bought 3 or 4 different brands he won't take them, won't even take the soothie one from the hospital lol. I'm not complaining though cuz it's one less thing I have to stop him from using in the future.

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Are MAM binkies for babies a good choice ?
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