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Coping with mom anger.

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I lost it... I yelled at them both and sent my sister to her room and my son, who has our irish temper was huffing and puffing, clearly pissed and hurt..so I grabbed his face, hard and made him look at me... he of course, screamed OW!I took him out of class for 5 minutes and talked to him...I reminded him that I'm human and that I too will lose my cool. I reminded him that apologies don't fix anything but they show that I care and I respect his side of the story.


we have witching hour and have actually said witch and the otherNot very proud of those moments because it's not a word I normally say in every day language.Sigh. #fail.

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Coping with mom anger.
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Happy Birthday to my Son Ryan who is 31 today!!
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