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Having your babies on a schedule

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As a first time Mama, everything is new to me.. But I am trying my hand and hardest at breastfeeding and after the first two hard weeks, it's getting better! The one big issue I have seen with bf'ing is whether you keep them on a set schedule when feeding or do it more on demand, when the baby is hungry.. Obviously at first, regardless, it needs to be often and about 2-3 hours apart.. Once they hit and surpass their birthweight though, so many friends said they stopped waking them to eat and let them tell you when they were hungry.

We have stared this Monroe and personally think it works so much better..


I think I believe more in a daily and established routine then in a schedule. I do let some leniency slide by once a while. I don't work at the tick of a clock but according to plans, chores and events that happen expected or unexpectedly. I wouldn't let a fun/teaching moment pass by just because my daughter has to take a scheduled nap. Having said that I am on time about one thing that is bedtime routine because a baby needs more sleep than adults and I would want my daughter to get at least 11 hrs of sleep.


. Babies and kids thrive on knowing what to expect. Schedules are the only way our family survives as well.

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Having your babies on a schedule
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