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When babies stomach hurts: how can I help?

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It could be gas and colic. We give our daughter the gas drops with every bottle and that seems to help. It could be the formula too. With Bailey we've had to try several different formulas and now she's on Nutramegin (sp?). If you think it's really bad talk to your doctor. I kept a notebook with different colors for everything that way when I brought up a concern I could easily look back at the book. She ended up sending us to specialist.


1. Burp her either over our shoulder or held upright in our laps. Pat them on the back or rub evenly in an upward motion. Bouncing up and down when they're over your shoulder helps too. This is best for upper gas.

2. Lay the baby on their back and move their legs up and down like their riding a bike. getting their knees up high is the best. you can also take both feet and bend their knees up to their chest. Just hold and rock gently for a few second then release and repeat.

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When babies stomach hurts: how can I help?
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