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Recovering after a baby loss

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Recovering after losing a baby takes time. For some it may take sooner or longer than others. Let yourself grieve for your child, it's normal.No matter how you lost you baby and no matter how old your child was hurts your heart.Let yourself recover and do whatever it is to heal yourself. Yes you may get better but you'll never stop grieving and loving your child in Heaven.


I went through a miscarriage this May. I have 2 beautiful children and did not think I could get pregnant. Found out in April that i was pregnant and was soo excited. Then the complications came. This was the most emotional roller coaster ride ever. First they couldn't find the baby then they did then the heartbeat couldn't be found. To be told its not there and then finding it was great news just 2 get shattered with no heartbeat and it was measuring smaller. May 22nd the day after my sons 4th bday I had to have a D&C....its been 2 months and I still feel like it was yesterday. Its been a struggle and I still danno about having another baby.


I lost my daughter when I was 7 months pregnant with her.

That was 20 years ago and I didn't have my other three children for almost 10 years later because I was afraid of loosing another one. Then when I successfully had my first, we had the next two right after


I've had six losses most at the 10-14 week, one earlier and one at 18 weeks.Rest, sleep as you feel the need. Tiredness is not only from losing the baby but also from the grief. Grieving is tiring work.


I do think this has been pulling my husband and I closer. Though I have had bouts of anger and sadness with some serious crying where he has subsequently fallen asleep.I am writing for Nanowrimo this year and it is definitely helping to vent and grieve, not only over the loss of the baby but of a dear friend as well.

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Recovering after a baby loss
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