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Best diapers and wipes for your baby

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I use Luvs diapers and get the cheapest wipes.


Huggies are my favorite of all. I use their diapers and wipes. If I had to get another brand I would get pampers and then Luvs last.


We normally use pampers because they have a mesh liner that helps pull the dirty diaper away from Brielle's skin so she doesn't get as fussy when she dirties herself and they're the only ones I've found that don't leak. We've tried huggies and the cvs brand (because we get a discount for working there). the cvs brand doesn't leak but they don't hold much so they get uncomfortable really fast and don't work with us for night time diapers. The reason we're trying to switch from pampers is because Brielle has had diaper rash pretty much since she was born and we've tried all kinds of ointments and wipes so now it's time to try the diapers and if we can't find one we may switch to cloth diapers after buying a new drying machine.

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Best diapers and wipes for your baby
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