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Pros and cons of baby at daycare

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Academic Advantage


Increased Exposure to Illness
Less Quality Time with Parents
Exposure to poor behavior
Leaving your kids with Strangers!
Can get hurt by other kids

I will never put my child in a day care because of the risks. I stay at home to take care of my kids because no one takes care of them like I do!

For those that are ok with it, Not all daycare providers are the same. For that matter, neither are all babysitters.

You have to do your research, and check references this is very important; try to at least talk to some people who have brought their kids to the daycare before committing, if at all possible. Also check to see if the daycare is licensed and insured.


With my coworker. She received a call from her daycare, saying there had been an accident! She has a beautiful 4 month old little boy!They informed her he had been scratched by another child!

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Pros and cons of baby at daycare
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