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Breastfeeding and formula for babies: what's better

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"Breast is best" for some... not for me. I nursed for 4 weeks and pumped for 2 more then I was done. I couldn't handle the pain anymore it just didnt seem worth it to me we switched to the Up & up Sensitive formula and our son is just fine. Yes I was a little sad about it but all the stress it caused and the sadness that came with it just wasnt worth it to me...


Although breast is best, if you are unable to breast feed or are uncomfortable with it (some women are), do not be ashamed or feel ashamed to feed your infant formula. It is healthy, too, and will give your infant all the needed nutrients.


I don't think there's a way to actually tell what one is more beneficial. I know in some cases the mom or baby can't breastfeed. But many say breast is best. I plan to breastfeed my baby though but it that doesn't go as planned formula will do just as fine.


with my 1st son i try so hard breast milk but he didn't wanted for nothing in the world i change my diet i was drinking lots a water and clear fluids but nothing!! My 2nd he did for 6 month but then i try to mix it with food ( not mixing with milk but 4 oz milk then 4 oz of food) and the food won and the breast milk became his enemy so had to change to formula!


I gave formula to my oldest child and she had digestive problems.So I ended up breastfeeding my last two kids so it won't get repeated. I think both types of baby food has its advantages and disadvantages. i prefer the breast though.


I am strictly breastfeeding my daughter and I will do so for the next children I have too. I do know for a fact you save a ton of money by breastfeeding your child. This is the mothers choice of what you want to feed your baby of course.

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Breastfeeding and formula for babies: what's better
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