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My baby boy is 6 months today and still can't sit up

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Monroe will be 6 months soon.. and while he can "TECHNICALLY" sit up.. he needs help to stay balanced and upright.. looks like a few more weeks for this goober and that is just fine with me! I don't like comparing him to other babies and I really don't get kicks out of boasting about him doing something sooner than another baby his age. Babies are just tiny/young people.. we ALL do things at different stages in our lives.. be it a few weeks or months difference between babies, if they are moving in the forward direction, they are just fine if you ask me!


My son didn't sit up until he was 7 months old. Now he does it all the time with no problem. Every baby moves at their own pace. It's definitely okay for them to move faster or slower than the 'typical' time frame. Don't compare to other babies either! Your baby is unique and do milestones in his/her own good time! Lucas has been a little 'slow' with things, including sitting up, but he's his own person

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My baby boy is 6 months today and still can't sit up
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