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What to do when a newborn baby can't poop?

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Babies often don't know how to coordinate their muscles at this age and they will push their muscles to poop but then clamp down on their anus. They will scream and cry because it hurts and they are pushing and can't get it out. A warm bath, belly massage and bicycling the legs all help to get them to relax their anus while trying to poop.


Breastfed babies can go a week without pooping. Most hospitals won't send you home until they have. Is she having enough wet diapers during the day? Do a tummy massage-rub counter clockwise-to loosen bowels. Gently move leg to do a bicycle kick loosens everything up. She'll probably let go when you least expect it.


Oh the things to try when a newborn cannot do #2... or take a deuce as my husband would say.. ha! Anyways, there are so many options for you to try and help your little one feel better and fill that diaper.. let's go down a list, shall we?

- pump their legs in a bicycle motion, this can really loosen things up :)

- rub their little bellies.. this helps calm and relax them

- give them a nice warm bath, perhaps even lay a warm wash cloth on their tummy during bathtime.. this exact thing totally helped my son fill his diaper!

- gripe water.. this worked a time or two when my son seemed to be constipated as well!

Use your gut instincts and try your best to help them.. after all, it is their hardest job to do!

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What to do when a newborn baby can't poop?
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