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Oatmeal or rice as first baby cereal

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I tried oatmeal first, then I think that it would have been the rice!


i tried oatmeal first than wheat grain.


My oldest son didn't like oatmeal so we single grain rice cereal and he quickly got tired of baby food so we had to make our own.


I started my son on the (single grain) rice cereal first and soon we will move to the oatmeal cereal.


I'm not fan of rice cereal we started with oatmeal and then applesauce. We are slowly working our way through the different flavors rotating veggies and fruit every few days


My daughter never liked the cereals so we just went right with baby food. My 6 month old son just started solids this week, as his dr recommended waiting till 6 months, though my daughter started at 4 months. I gave him rice cereal in a bowl, he used that for 4 days then I tried the oatmeal. It's not recommended to put cereal in their bottle as it can pose a choking hazard. Plus with waiting till 6 months with my son I think it's important for him to learn how to eat with a spoon. He's done very well and seems to prefer the oatmeal. Though honestly the cereal isn't really necessary at all. I'm going to use the 2 containers I opened and then move on to veggies then fruits.


we gave him cereal at first but when our son reached 7 months old he started to disliked it and threw it out..then we feed him rice with soup.and he like it..i guess he loves soup.

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Oatmeal or rice as first baby cereal
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