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Tips for taking babies on the beach.

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Babies need lots of shade and to be cool. With not being able to wear sunscreen until at least 6 months of age, I would keep them indoors as much as possible. If you do take a baby to the beach, I had a baby tent and an umbrella. We even had a portable fan that ran off of batteries. They will need an SPF bathing suit or SPF shirt, hat, and if they are old enough sunscreen. If you have them in the sun, make sure they are covered as much as possible with light weight clothing.


We recently went on vacation and spent a lot of time at the beach. We used an ABO Gear Instent Shelter

It has multiple pockets that can be filled with sand. We had some very strong wind gusts, but this tent stayed put.


Sun protection, like you said, is a HUGE must, especially if you have a fair-haired/fair-skinned child. I've seen these really neat half-dome tents that a lot of the moms here take to the beach. You just stake it into the sand and voila, sun-protected baby play area.

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Tips for taking babies on the beach.
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