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When does the color of baby's eyes permanent?

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My children were all born with blue eyes. But, Jemma's were a darker blue and I knew almost immediately that her eyes were going to be dark. It was on about 4 months and her eyes had changed completely to brown. The other two still have blue eyes and they have gotten lighter over time.

Babies eyes can change colors up until 18 months or so. I have never seen it take that long but it is possible.


Oh those eyes! Blue, Brown, Green, Hazel.. It's funny that we are born with a certain eye color and it might actually change into another color, isn't it? I have heard two different timelines.. I have heard 6 months, that by 6 months, whatever their eye color is, that it will stay that way. Then more recently I have heard 3 months. I'm not sure which to believe. Our little guy was born with the most gorgeous blue eyes.. and they haven't changed a bit - hooray! He is going to be 6 months in a month.. so perhaps they are here to stay ;)

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When does the color of baby's eyes permanent?
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