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Baby comes home after hospital-how to survive the newborn days

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Making some homemade frozen meals is a great idea so that you're not feeling guilty (or hungry!). A lot of people told me to accept help from people. That didn't work for me. Having people in the house made me feel like I should have been a better hostess, but I just didn't have the energy. So after a day or two of visitors I put a stop to it and let everyone know that we would be ready for visitors later. And that's another point. This time is so important for you to bond with your baby and you should never feel guilty about keeping him to yourself for a bit.


looking back now, it was all such a blur to be honest.. the days and nights pretty much mixed up, the oodles of diapers, the endless feeding marathons.. it all blurs together, but it's such a beautiful chaos if you ask me :

My hubby and I were up at the most insane hours.. falling asleep to baby snores and odd TV reruns.. helping each other grab the boppy or burp cloth.. and sleeping while we could

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Baby checklist. Newborn
Baby comes home after hospital-how to survive the newborn days
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