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Does it really hurt when baby is coming out the vagina

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Giving birth is no easy task and it doesn't exactly feel good either. We only open up about 10 cm and we'd be pretty lucky if a baby's head is that small. Lucas' head measured at 14.75 c, around at birth. Did I get an episiotomy..? Of course I did lol, I HAD to because his head was so big. Does an episiotomy hurt..? YES!!! I didn't feel it at the time, but boy did I feel it after! It didn't sting or burn for me when he was coming out, there was just a ton of pressure which hurt a lot. After my stitches healed though, and I couldn't feel them anymore


You'll notice a lot of pressure, it'll feel like your having the biggest bowel movement of your life. When the head starts to appear you'll notice some stinging and burning down there, the toughest part of labor if you ask me is the last part of the first stage, the contractions are coming one right after another and the pain is quite overwhelming at this point. I'm pregnant with my ninth child and have had all my children vaginally.


Honestly, having a baby was the most painful and uncomfortable experience I have ever gone through. I can still remember the feeling of my daughter coming out. It almost felt like she plopped out. It was the oddest feeling ever that I don't remember having with my son. With my son, I was in intense pain the entire time. Some people may tell you that once you hold your baby all of the pain goes away. Maybe they had some good drugs in them, because I was still in a ton of pain afterwards and I have never forgotten about the pain.

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Does it really hurt when baby is coming out the vagina
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