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How does it feel when a baby is coming out of a vagina?

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If you don't have an epidural you will feel intense pressure, when you push more and more of your vagina opening will open as the baby's head is coming out, when you are crowning you will feel a burning/stinging sensation like you are spreading your lips apart as far as you can. When the baby slides out the pressure goes away but you still will feel sore. I tell first time pregnant mom's that it feels like you are having the biggest bowel movement of your life and you should push like you are having a bowel movement.


If you have no medication it will hurt , you will start getting a lot of pressure in your bum and the need to push and it almost feels better to push even though you would think it would make the pain worse . When the baby is crowning you will feel an intense burring pain and once the head is out most of the pain subsides as the rest of the baby comes out .

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How does it feel when a baby is coming out of a vagina?
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