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How to soothe babies with congestion

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What i do with my kids is i let the hot water run in the bathroom so it can .get steaming I make something that I found on Pinterest call " Vicks disks" made by baking soda, water, 3 essential oils, I place it in the shower and then take my kids and remove all the clothes and let them sit outside the shower inhaling the steam for a few min. Then take them a warm bath, them put on a vicks in the chest. And in the back and in the bottom of there feet placing socks on there feet and putting a shirt on!


My little bubba is sick, had no signs of it all day, woke up and knew I'd hear. She is all congested, with a cough and a little warm. I changed her into warmer jammies, turned her heat up (her room was a little chilly), put fuzzy socks on her little toesies, changed the filter and turned her humidifier on, gave her pupup(her lovey), and snuggled til she was sleeping. Doctors in the morning, for me to get my packing removed, and my baby to get checked out.


I'm usually pretty hesitant to put anything on a baby. For congestion with my babies, I prefer to just try and keep them upright and try other natural remedies.

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How to soothe babies with congestion
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