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What to do to soothe a baby crying

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Pick him up and comfort him

Feed him...(If formula feeding, don't delay in making his feed..What I do is..I dry up his bottle before going to bed, add 3 scoops of similac(that's the formula I give him) in it and keep it ready on the bedside.

Even after doing this you think your baby does not stop crying, then talk to the doctor as the baby may be having some stomach problem...If you know usually the heartburn is bad in the night......


I am babysitting a one year old for my friend while her and her boyfriend are working and their son is so cranky.

Giving him his bottle, holding him, bouncing him, walking around with him, feeding him, changing him, tried a teething ring, tried distracting him with toys, laying him down so he can take a nap.

Normally with my own kids if I have tried everything under the sun I just let them cry it out until they fall asleep.

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What to do to soothe a baby crying
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