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Washing baby bottles: regular dish soap vs baby bottle soap

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i use warm water at first with soap then after throughly cleaning i dip the bottle in hot water for 5 minutes.


washing the bottles with dish soap is fine.. what I do after I was then and rinse them extremely well, I boil water and just let them sit there for a few min. Then take them out and place them in a rack to finally rinse out!


I've never heard of baby bottle soap before -- sounds like something made up just to get money. Using a mild dishwashing liquid is totally fine.


Washing the baby bottles with regular dish soap is just fine. Just make sure to take the time to clean each item well and rinse well. The tempature of the water should be hot - I use as hot of water that I can stand.


I use Palmolive baby bottle, toy & dish wash. Removes milk and food residue. I have glass bottles with rubber nipples and a few baby bowls and spoons, food mill, storage trays and her plastic toys I wash with it. Safe for baby than regular dish soap.

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Washing baby bottles: regular dish soap vs baby bottle soap
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