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How does your partner fare with baby duty

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He does pretty good if he has too !! LOL For the most part I am in charge of baby duty , diapers bottles baths ect... Its fine with me and not usually an issue . He is great with Noah if I leave and has always been awesome with them all when they were tiny . Noah adores his daddy and they have a special little connection . Now there are times when I wish he would change a diaper more often and what not but he works hard 50 + hours a week so I don't bust his chops to much if he doesn't .


He does great!! David is an amazing dad really. We even say he's more of the 'mom' and I'm more of the 'dad' haha. He loves to play, bathe, feed, etc for Lucas. When I was healing from delivery, I literally did nothing for two weeks and I had to ASK to hold my baby or feed him haha. We're a lot more even now, especially seeing as David is back to work. I get Lucas while he's at work and he get's him when I work and do school work. We share Lucas very evenly! And at night we have our family time! But he really loves babies and does great with Lucas. They're best buds. I love watching them together. :)

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How does your partner fare with baby duty
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