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Is wearing earrings safe for a baby

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I got both of kids ears pierced when they were 1month old.You have to keep an eye on them so they dont rip them out of there ears. My daughter was ok because she had hoops but i still watch her. My father gave my son a diamond earring and 1 month later it was gone. we could not find it. we dont know if he ripped it out of his ear or what. Ever since then we have not put one in his ear.


I was 3 months old when I had my ears done but I feel like u should wait n see when they would like there ears done


My older two daughter's who are 14 and 10 both have their ears pierced but they asked and are able to take care of having their ears pierced themselves. My youngest daughter is 3 and she doesn't have her's pierced yet. I won't allow any of my boys to get their ears pierced.

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Is wearing earrings safe for a baby
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