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How to handle pain during childbirth

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According to my husband I cried like a ghost OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!! In a way he was right making that ghost noise was the only other thing I could do besides scream. Nobody was allowed to touch me except my husband just to let me hold his hand, oh and he let me bite his hand at times, I didn't make him bleed thank God but it did help me deal with the pain


Letting my natural endorphins and adrenaline take over for my birth was a good decision for me. I didn't have much choice. My hospital didn't offer pain aid after 5 cm, and I walked in to the hospital at 6 cm. It wasn't until it came time to deliver that I felt the need for any meds and was told no. But, I have absolutely no regrets about my natural birth and hope to do it again. It was a beautiful experience. I did need the support of my mother and husband, though. My mom let go of my hand to grab something just before a contraction, and I yelled at her to get back because I panicked without her. And the only time I swore was because the doctor delivery told me not to groan/scream or I would hurt myself. I told him it ***** hurt, and a couple pushes later, my little boy arrived! So, a support system can really help....


There are many ways to handle pain during labor . There are medications they can give you in your IV to help and also there are epidurals which can work really well . There are also natural ways to help you deal with the pain . Breathing techniques can help a lot . for me the more I could be up and moving the better . When I lay or sat it made the pain so much worse . I also swayed back and forth especially when I was having a hard contraction . a birthing ball is another great way to help too .


I swayed and walked, got a massage from my sister in law, sat on the big rubber ball with arms and head resting on the bed, then when the pain was super bad all i could do was rest my head down (i think i was sitting on the ball) and just count in my head. Thats how i got through my contractions- counting through them. that helped me focus, and helped me know that the contraction was almost over.


Moms can try natural techniques such as breathing and relaxation. Comfort measures are also incredibly helpful; warm bath, hot pack, massage, etc. Frequent position changes and not being stuck in bed can also help with pain.


Second birth, I knew it would be different for me, first thing I did was decide that I wanted a drug free birth

I hired a doula for support through my labor

she worked with me ahead of time to learn positions and movement and techniques of pain management

It was the most amazing thing in the world to control my delivery and to feel him coming through the birth canal.


breathing techniques and frequent changes of position also help, particularly in the early stages of labor.

An epidural can be used continuously throughout labor, while a spinal block is typically used shortly before delivery. Alternatively, narcotics or other medications can be used to alter pain perception.

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How to handle pain during childbirth
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