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Starting baby solid food: when is the best time?

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We started at 4 months. We started with eggs, then applesauce, then rice cereal. Some people say you shouldn't start with rice cereal but I did that as the 3rd food because we didn't have anyone allergic to rice or cereal in our family history and our doctors always said it was ok.


Here are some signs that your child is ready to try solids:

Baby can sit up (with support) and can hold her head and neck up well.

their birth weight has doubled.

Baby is interested in what you’re eating and may even try to grab food from your plate.

Baby can keep food in her mouth rather than letting it dribble out.


I did not give my boys baby food tell they ware 6m old .

..the baby food I gave them first is oatmeal cereal for babes for 5 days. Then i gave them fruit of one kind like banana for 5 days and so on.same with veggies.why 5 day and not 3 day is I have food alleges I can not eat all fruit and veggie need to because they did not have them same problem as I have.


I never fed my babies cereal. They had homemade pureed foods and table foods starting at 6 months

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Starting baby solid food: when is the best time?
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