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When to switch from baby to toddler formula

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Unless your child has a medical reason, there generally is no need to feed toddler formula. Children who don't take in enough nutrients are the ones that benefit from it, but if you feed your toddler a well-balanced diet, you should be fine to avoid the toddler formula all together. Your pediatrician can help you decide if that is the right step for you or not. Generally speaking, it is something the companies came up with to make more money so don't be fooled... ask your doctor first!

I started my kids on cow's milk at 12 months and they have always done just fine with it.


When our kids turned one we switched them from baby formula to whole milk. We asked the doctor about toddler formula and he advised against it. More or less he told us it was just another way to rip parents off. He said giving your children whole milk is just as good as toddler formula, and it's a fraction of the cost. we believed him and never had any problems.

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When to switch from baby to toddler formula
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