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How to take care of baby born at 27 weeks

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While your baby is in the NICU the medical team will let you know how you can help with your baby's care. They will probably let you help change their diaper, take them temperature, etc. If you baby is stable enough they will probably let you hold your baby and do some skin to skin kangaroo care.


as baby is still in need of complex, sophisticated medical care and equipment. If you planned to breastfeed, pump to provide now (your body cater makes milk for your baby's premature tummy/body) and to keep your supply intact til baby is capable/strong enough to suck. Ask to try breastfeeding, if you intended to, baby may already be able to. Ask to do Kangaroo care whenever/however possible (skin-to-skin is beneficial to all babies, preemies in particular), talk to baby and touch him/her.

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How to take care of baby born at 27 weeks
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