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Why is baby fussy after feeding

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This sounds just like the situation I had when my son was about 4 weeks to 8 weeks old (arching back, horrible crying). I dreaded every feeding session because he would cry horribly for about an hour afterwards. I could never tell if he was still hungry or hurting from acid reflux. He went on Zantac at about 8 weeks old and after about 3 days he seemed so much better. Not sure if it was a coincidence because his stomach was maturing or if it really was the zantac. I would suggest asking your doctor about acid reflux medication and see what they think. Good luck! I know it's horrible but it does get a lot better.


My little one is just over a month old, and me and my little one have been exclusively breast feeding for the past week and a half/two weeks, before she was fe d breast milk from a bottle. But lately, she has become SO fussy. I thought it was acid reflux so now every time after she eats I be sure and sit her up but its not helping. She arches her back and kicks her legs straight out and then into her chest while scrunching her face and making grunting noises.

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Why is baby fussy after feeding
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