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When does your baby/child go to bed

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My 8 month old is asleep by 7pm and then wakes up around 7am.

My 4 year old is asleep by 8pm and then wakes up around 7am.


at 11


Bedtime routine starts at 7:15: Brush Teeth, read a story, get in PJs, say prayers

We cosleep so I lay down in bed with them at 7:30 and depending on our day I get back up sometime between 7:31 and 8


8,5 and 1 year old all go to bed at 8 pm and the older two wake up at 6 for school and the 1 year old wakes up around 7:30-8:30

same time on the weekends as well I don't want to mess up their schedule for school

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When does your baby/child go to bed
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