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How and why does baby hair change color?

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Babies hair can turn out to be a beautiful range of shades between your hair color and that of your partner. Their hair will change a few times as they get older. Depending on the colors, or pigments, you both have in your hair and how they mix. Parents with similar hair color may have a baby with a hue that's slightly different, but within their color range.
Usually when a recessive color gene in one parent comes through and mixes with another one, such as a black-haired parent carrying a recessive gene for blond hair could potentially have a blond child if that gene is expressed and mixes with a blond gene from the other parent.
As for red hair, which was once considered recessive, it's now believed to be dominant over blond. You can even be a redhead and not know it. Your hair may have a reddish hue that's masked by a stronger brown or black pigment.

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How and why does baby hair change color?
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