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Can I give my baby Karo syrup for constipation ?

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i had never giving my children that but my sister had and she gave it to my nephew when we was like 4 month, a 1tsp in the formula and he was fine!


I remember my Mom giving me the dark Karo syrup tip for my son when he was younger. I looked it up like I do every piece of advice I get (no matter who I get it from) and found according the Mayo Clinic as well as a few other sites that dark Karo syrup used to be used as a remedy for constipation but that with the commercial dark Karo syrups we have now, most do not have the same chemical structure that softens the babies stool. So it is virtually ineffective. I will admit that one day we tried it anyhow when we didn't have anything else and it just made him hyper.

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Can I give my baby Karo syrup for constipation ?
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