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Are baby mama and baby daddy acceptable terms

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I will use the terms. I know some people think they are unacceptable terms but in my situation they are okay to use. Only because when Isaac and I talked, he would tell people that I was his baby mama, and his family even would call me that. I wasn't so fond of it but now I could care less so yes he is my baby daddy, or as I say "sperm donor."


If you're using it to put down and objectify another person, specifically the person that you chose to sleep with and bear the child of (under normal circumstances) then no, I don't think it's okay.

If you're saying “baby daddy” or “baby mama” as a way of saying the parent of your child is not as helpful or stable as you'd like, that's kind of rude.

If you're using it as a simple explanation (as in, a quick way to say the mother/father of my child/ren) or a term of endearment, then who cares?

It doesn't have to be a bad thing!


If you're being funny or cute among close people, that's one thing. When I hear these terms in regular discourse, however, I scrunch up my face--I don't like them. They're just too slang in a place I don't feel slang officially belongs.



They are used in a negative sense when the person is not in a good relationship with the mother of their child. That person has a name and even if you do not like them, they deserve at least enough respect to be called by that name. "baby mama" and "baby daddy" are used as naming objects, not people. They are not just a person taking up space, they are a human being.

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Are baby mama and baby daddy acceptable terms
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